The Store

Krasopoulio Wine Shop sells bottled and bulk wines of exceptional quality since its inception in November 1987. The Shop was originally based in Exarchia, while a few years later opened a second branch in Melissia area. Since February 2009 we operate in our new, larger store in Dimokratias Avenue in Melissia.

Krasopoulio holds 160 sq.m. for the retail market and another 160 sq.m. basement cellar where our wines are kept in optimal humidity and temperature conditions.

In Krasopoulio you can find a wide variety of Greek and imported bottles of wine, ranging from everyday table wines to super premium bottles from leading producers of the world vineyard. To protect premium bottles, our cellar has two conservators with a total capacity of 200 bottles, while all the bottled wines are kept in a supine position.
Our collection of wine bottles is enriched with selected premium spirits, with our great selection of malt whiskey holding a specific weight.  We also offer a variety of premium Greek and International beers, delicatessen products for your dining pleasure and all the necessary accessories for a complete wine experience. In our store you will find a wide range of selected cigars from the finest Cuban brands, preserved on the best temperature and humidity conditions to keep intact the aroma and taste.

As for the house wine, our long involvement in wine-making has allowed us to have a choice of the raw material already from the vine, and the supervision of all stages of winemaking.

The bulk of our wines are stored in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen for protection against oxygen, while the temperature is controlled 24 hours a day.
We have varieties from the major wine regions of our country (Nemea, Mantinia, Naoussa, Limnos) with known (Agiorgitiko, Moshofilero, Lemnos Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc.) but also rarer varieties (Malagouzia, Traminer, Riesling). We offer young and aged wines, and of course our celebrated aged tsipouro,  aged up to four years in French and American oak barrels.

Krasopoulio has been operating with great successful in the field of personal / corporate gift. With quality and excellent service, we publish an annual catalogue where we present gifts that make the difference!